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What to Do If Your Women’s Apparel Customers Are Not Buying From You?

Has there been a significant slowdown in your apparel sales? Are you noticing that your apparel customers are not buying from you? Here’s the reality. Without a strong ‘WHY’, people don’t buy. If your customers do not have a significant reason to purchase from you, they probably won’t.

According to Hick’s Law (Hick-Hyman Law), the more stimuli or choices a buyer faces, the longer it takes for them to make a decision.

Even though customers initially get attracted to varied choices, when making a purchase decision, more choices cause the decision-making process to freeze or reach a standstill.

Hence, a good rule of thumb is to research your customer’s specific choices and present them with a few relevant design options. You must do this because if you give too many designs to your customers, they will get distracted and unable to decide.

Did you know?

An apparel buyer in Mumbai was facing a similar issue. His customers were not buying from him even though they had a strong requirement. Customers would take a long time to finalize their choices and even visit several times to look at the same dress. Despite that, they didn’t buy it.

After understanding his problem, I shared the focused strategy of showing only those products that match the customer’s requirements. Next, we designed and created a framework of questions to know and understand the customer’s needs.

Based on the strategy, his showroom staff now follows the rule of asking and understanding the purpose of buying a particular outfit, their colour and style choice, and their specific preferences. Next, the staff shows only five to eight options and, believe it or not, 93% of customers bought the products they saw.

Closing Thoughts

Your showroom staff must know how to understand the customers’ needs, preferences and purchase psychology, so you never have to face the problem of customers not buying from you, despite their need to buy. Let customers buy from you instead of hard selling and see the results!

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