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Rising Popularity of Ready-to-Wear Garments & Its Effects on the Women’s Apparel Market

The Indian women’s wear market has been evolving over the last decade. Today’s modern woman is not shy to experiment with her looks and is a lot more open to trying latest trends that give her the confidence to look and feel her best.

So it’s no wonder that in the past few years, the women’s apparel market has seen many changes and safe to say that disruption is on its way!

Massive Growth & Transformation On Its Way

According to projections, women’s apparel market in India is all set to reach nearly 39 billion USD by 2025 which is a mega jump from what it was in 2015. And ethnic wear has the largest market value in this sector.

Several reasons contribute to this trend. For one, there is a huge rise in the number of Indian working women stepping out of their homes to pursue a career and the number is expected to increase in the next decade. According to a survey, festivals and special occasions were the primary reasons for the popularity of ethnic wear purchases among Indians.

(Published by Statista Research Department, Nov. 10, 2021)

1 The Future of Women Wear Retailing

Ready-to-Wear Garments Have Many Takers

There is a growing need for garment retailers to keep a finger on the pulse of the market so they can enhance their product portfolio and serve their customers well.

One trend catching on like wildfire is the move towards ready-to-wear garments. More and more women are looking for instant outfit choices that they can wear with minimum fuss at different occasions such as parties, dinners, weddings, and daily office wear.

So, there is a definite move towards readymade garments, which are seen as a sound investment too. If you are a garment retailer looking to expand your market share and make more profits, you must consider upgrading and upscaling in readymade wear.

Closing Thoughts

Those already adapted to the changing ecosystem of readymade garments are starting to keep pace with the market and make the most of the changing trends. However, those still in the thinking mode need to start now! If you haven’t already, it’s high time to start selling readymade wear in your retail shop and see the difference it makes to your growth and revenue.

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