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Retailers: Don’t Make These 5 Buying Mistakes

Being a ladies apparel retailer, you are responsible for making correct buying decisions. After all, your sales directly depend on the quality and range of products you provide your customers.

Many retailers purchase the wrong items and keep stocks of products that cause losses in their business and stagnate their growth.

Let’s look at 5 common buying mistakes that retailers make and how to avoid them --

1. Ignoring the Standard Fits:

When purchasing the products for your retail business, pay attention to the quality of the fit of the garment. If the fit is proper, you will have more happy customers in the first trial itself, thus saving a lot of time on alterations and exchanges.

TIP: Always follow the universal standard fit guidelines to maintain a proper fitting.

2. Lacking the Knowledge of Fabric Gradations in the Garment:

If you do not understand the gradations used in the fabric of a garment, you will make costly errors in your purchases.

TIP: Ask for the fabric details or standards and parameters the suppliers have used to manufacture the garments.

3. Buying in Bulk After Long Intervals:

Another common mistake retailers tend to make is buying stocks in bulk. Though retailers do it to avoid travelling often, buying in bulk can be risky.

TIP: Find the right supplier with the system to update you about new launches and can deliver the stock at your doorstep at your convenience.

4. Buying Low-Quality Copied Designs:

Purchasing sub-standard products and maintaining low-quality stocks can negatively affect your reliability as a retailer. That’s why you must always purchase original products made with using quality fabrics, stitching and creation parameters.

TIP: Always ask for lab certifications like Live or Nissenken. Certifications provide a guarantee of quality and create a positive impact on your clientele, and build trust in your brand.

5. Not Using Model Shot Images of Garments:

Many retailers use photo shoots or videos of brands instead of using model shot images. Such images do not provide a realistic or good view of the products.

TIP: Ask your supplier to provide photos of model-shot garments so you can save costs on shoots and boost your sales by using these on social media with your brand logo.


By avoiding these five common buying mistakes, you can offer the best, high-quality and latest collection of garments to your customers and boost your sales.



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