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How to Win Repeat Customers Repeatedly For Your Women’s Apparel Brand

Ask any retailer about the importance of repeat customers, and they will tell you that repeat customers are excellent for business.

Here’s the thing. You can grow your business exponentially if you have a good flow of existing and repeat customers because they already know you and understand your business.


According to Seth Godin, “People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.”

So if you build a strong bond with your customers and show them the value of your products and services, chances are high that they will come back to you so you will never have to face a shortage of repeat customers.


#1. Make your Customers Your Brand Ambassadors: Encourage your customers to share their positive experiences about the apparel they bought from you.

#2. Show Your Integrity as a Retailer: Customers will always remember you and prefer to buy from you if they feel they can trust you. Always maintain integrity in your dealings and transactions and do the right thing, even when no one is watching.

#3. Always Deliver Value: You can win the trust of your customers by delivering high-value products that match their preferences and desires.

#4. Build a Brand and Promote It: Don’t just sell products. Rather, sell an experience that your customers will appreciate. Make your brand famous and let your customers return to you.

#5. Show Them You Care: Your customers want to buy from a brand that treats them with respect. So make sure to make your positive intent clear to them by giving them the best purchase experience, before, during and after the sale.

#6. Delight Your Customers Every Time: A customer will come back to you and prefer to buy from you if you deliver a delightful experience, every time they interact with you.


If you want to become successful in Indian women’s retailing not just today but in the long run, keep these strategies in mind –

  • Before you start hard selling your products to your customers, focus on building flourishing relationships with your customers.

  • Always target the right customers by first identifying who is your ideal customer.

  • Identify the core values of your business and use these values to connect with your customers profoundly.

  • Keep in touch with your customers by first building a comprehensive customer database. Next, send them greetings, new launch updates, and offers to stay connected.

  • Follow up with your customers after they buy from you. Ask them for their feedback and reviews.

  • Don’t just sell. Focus on connecting with your customers on an emotional level.

  • Build trust in your business in your customers’ minds with a well-maintained and properly managed retail outlet.

  • Be flexible with your customers’ needs and preferences.

  • Follow a fixed price policy or equal pricing for all to build trust in your customers’ minds.

  • Identify and understand the buying pattern of your customers.


A store in New Delhi followed our strategies to tackle the problem of a lack of repeat customers. They started keeping in touch with their existing customers, especially mothers.

Whenever there was a Parents Teacher Meet at one of the famous and reputed schools, the store communicated with the kids’ mothers’ going to that school, sharing information about new arrivals of dresses ideal for the PTM. Soon, the store started making quick sales from existing customers.

Closing Thoughts

Repeat customers are highly lucrative for all garment retail businesses. By getting orders from repeat customers, you can grow and expand your profit margins. Follow the strategies mentioned in this article to see a marked increase in the flow of returning customers for your business.



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