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How to Know What and When Your Customers Will Buy From You

One common problem that most women’s apparel manufacturers face today is not knowing what their customers want and when they will buy it. Here’s the thing.

As an apparel manufacturer, you must stay updated with the latest market trends and be informed about what is happening in the market. Without this knowledge, you will find it challenging to plan your next steps and expand your business.

Why Should You Build a Strong Network of Suppliers

One of the best ways of staying in the loop is to associate with the No. 1 Supplier or the biggest suppliers in your industry. These people have the best infrastructure, a strong foundation, and system-driven technology to get insights into the upcoming market and fashion trends from time to time.

By associating with these top-level suppliers, you will be able to keep a finger on the pulse of the market. You will get to know what is happening in your industry, which garment styles are in fashion or which ones will be trending soon. And this is what your client wants from you!

Knowing Your Customers’ Buying Habits

According to recent research statistics, here are the varied buying habits of customers from different countries and the key takeaways ---

  • In India, women's ethnic wear consumers are more inclined than consumers in other markets to buy apparel for a specific purpose.

  • 38 percent of Indian respondents to a recent McKinsey study said they were highly likely to buy apparel for special events.

  • This percentage is significantly higher as compared to Brazil (5%), Russia (3%), or China (6%).

As is clear from the statistics above, knowing your customer's buying habits and what motivates them to buy are two crucial details you must know. It will prepare you to not only tweak your product range but also provide the best services to them.

Closing Thoughts

Your customers are individuals who think and contemplate before purchasing apparel from you. So if you want to be ready to serve them correctly, you must spend time and effort to know what, when, and why they buy and which products will appeal to them the most. The correct suppliers can help you to do just that!



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