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How to Inspire Your Apparel Retail Staff to 10X Your Business Growth

If you run an apparel store, you probably already know the importance of having an inspired team.

Your sales/retail staff is the backbone of your business. Hence, you must ensure that your staff is passionate and committed to their work, and a lot depends on how you treat them.

So what can you do to build up the spirit of your staff and inspire them to support you to make your retail business successful?

Build the Morale of Your Retail Staff Consistently

Respect: Your staff members deserve respect. Give them respect, and they will, in turn, give you their best work.

Appreciation: Always appreciate your staff members in front of everyone. However, if you need to scold them for something they did wrong, always discipline them in private.

Passion: Do all you can to keep the JOSH and passion high in your team.

Involvement: Get your staff members involved in your company’s growth. Show them the path and ask them for suggestions on improving the different aspects of the store.

Delegation: Instead of verbally delegating work, try to delegate tasks in writing since it creates greater accountability.

Brand Image: Create your brand image and make your entire staff look consistent with your brand image.

Belonging: Design matching uniforms for your staff, preferably using your brand’s logo and colours. It will give them a sense of belonging.

Give Them Proper Recognition

Recognition: The most basic form of disrespect is not giving the proper recognition for a job well done. So, celebrate the small wins your staff brings for your brand. Create a system for rewarding and recognising your top performers.

Fresh Start: When you open your showroom in the morning, start fresh by playing spiritual music and performing daily prayers. Train your team to express gratitude, say affirmations and learn the art of appreciation.

Bonding: Make an emotional connection with your team. After all, they spend approximately 33% of time daily on your growth.

Express Your Gratitude

Thank Them: Saying thank you doesn't cost anything but motivates your team members in a big way.

Healthy Work Environment: Make your showroom a great place of work. Create a healthy and fun work environment so that your staff want to come to work daily.

Celebrations Bring Prosperity: Treat your team twice annually and invite their family on special occasions.


Building a powerful team of staff members will reward your business in many ways. Use the tips mentioned to motivate your staff and see how they work to the best of their abilities to help grow your business. However, even after all your best efforts, if some staff members are not performing, it's better to say goodbye to them.

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