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How to Compete With Online Apparel Sellers & Protect Your Market Share

Today’s customers are showing a growing interest in purchasing clothes online, and this reality is giving a lot of retail apparel sellers sleepless nights.

But here’s the reality. There is no reason to fear online sellers because you and your retail store are better than online sellers, simply because most online sellers are not selling what they are showing online.


  • Are you stressing about protecting your market share?

  • Do you want to maintain your position in the market, knowing that your customers may be going online to buy apparel?

Then here are some tips for you –

Focus on Your Target Customers: Your customers should always be your main focus not your competitors. Remember, your goal should be to stand out and be their first choice.

Stay Connected With Them: By keeping in touch with your customers, you can maintain and even strengthen your bond with them, so you become their first choice. Some easy ways to stay connected are through pre-scheduled video calls, WhatsApp messaging and regular interactions by sending news about discounts and offers.

Offer a Personalised Service: If you have been running an apparel retail business, you probably have a lot of hands-on experience. You also must have mastered the art of customer interactions and know how to satisfy customers through high-quality products and a good service experience. Plus, you have products in stock too so use them to offer a more delightful and personalised buying experience to your customers.

Greater Flexibility: The best thing about selling in-store is the convenience you offer your customers to wear and try clothing before purchasing. This enhanced flexibility is missing when they buy online, so use your store image and build loyalty among your customers.

Closing Thoughts

There is no denying that these days, customers are making purchases online. However, that does not mean your retail store is at risk. It is especially true if you ensure that you play to your strengths and offer your in-store customers the best buying experience, so they remain loyal to you and choose your physical store over online stores to make purchases.



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